Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Word order

The VSO language group makes up about 10% of the languages in the world (Carnie and Guilfoyle 2000: 3), including most of the West Semitic languages, Egyptian, Berber, Celtic, and other languages (O’Connor 1980: 118).— Word Order in the Biblical Hebrew Finite Clause, page 7


Robert Holmstedt said...

The situation is not nearly so clear in Semitic, of course. I respond to Moshavi in a series of blog posts and then in a resulting article (JHS 2010).

jps said...


Yes. I'm aware of your responses and have read them.

I'm still an unrepentant VSO person, though. : )


Robert Holmstedt said...

I find it very strange how many say the same thing but cannot articulate any defense for it. Adhering to a position that one cannot defend is the opposite of scholarship, correct?