Thursday, June 22, 2023

A mariner's prayer

1044 S. M.
Praise for protecting mercy.

WHEN o’er the deep we rode,
   By winds and storms assail’d;
   We call’d upon the ocean’s God,
   Whose mercy never fail’d.

2 The tempest heard his voice,
   The winds obey’d his will;
   The elements withheld their noise,
   And all the floods were still.

3 With joy we hail’d the shore,
   And safe the vessel moor’d;
   With grateful hearts, that happy hour,
   We praised the ocean’s Lord.

4 Thus, while o’er seas we roam,
   Thy goodness, Lord, we see;
   Though distant from our native home,—
   We are not far from thee.

5 And when this life is past,
   And we are call’d to die,
   O may we see thy face at last
   In realms beyond the sky.

6 Then, as we join the bands
   Beyond the swelling wave,
   We’ll praise thee with uplifted hands
   And sing thy power to save.
                        Methodist Episcopal hymnal (1870 edition)

<idle musing>
Interestingly, this hymnal has a whole section of hymns for sailors. I'd never seen anything like that before…
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