Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Arianism as paganism in disguise

The ecclesiastical rejection of this doctrine is therefore justified and necessary, because Arianism posits a created being, the Son, who is divine, and because it implies a divine Being whose divinity is not genuine, but who is only partially divine, a semi-divine being, midway between the creature and God. This, however, is simply the fundamental idea of all paganism: the deification of creatures, continuity between God and the creation, the semi-divine, a transcendence which is not genuine transcendence. The Son may be “divine”; but He is not God; He may stand over against us men as One who comes to us “from the other side”, from “above” , but He comes from a higher region which is not God. Thus since we men meet the Son in Jesus, we do not really meet God, but an “interim-being”, who comes “from above”, it is true, but is a “creature” just as we are.—Emil Brunner, The Christian Doctrine of Creation and Redemption, 348

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