Monday, June 26, 2023

The doctrine of the two natures

With the doctrine that Jesus is the God-Man, theological thought returns from the sphere “beyond history” to the Historical. We only spoke of the Eternal Son, the Logos, and of the Incarnation, because Jesus is the historical man, the God-Man. We only see Him as a figure in history aright when we see Him as the God-Man, when we see Him as the One who is the Eternal Son become Man, true God, of one substance with the Father. But also we only see him aright as He really is when, while insisting that He is “True God”, we do not forget the other point—which, indeed, from the historical point of view comes first—that at the same time He is “True Man". This is what the doctrine of the Two Natures is trying to express, and which was expressed, in lapidary simplicity, for the first time, by the Confessio Augustana: “Vere Deus, vere homo.”—Emil Brunner, The Christian Doctrine of Creation and Redemption, 355

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