Sunday, June 11, 2023

Assume thine own almighty power

989 S. M.
The Redeemer’s triumphant reign.

O THOU whom we adore,
   To bless our earth again,
   Assume thine own almighty power,
   And o’er the nations reign.
   The world’s Desire and Hope,
   All power to thee is given;
   Now set the last great empire up,
   Eternal Lord of heaven.

2 Where all thy laws are spurn’d,
   Thy holy name profaned,
   And where the ruin’d world has mourned
   With blood of millions stain’d:
   Reveal the glorious scene;
   The heathen claim for thine;
   And there the endless reign begin
   With majesty divine.

3 A gracious Saviour, thou
   Wilt all thy creatures bless;
   And every knee to thee shall bow,
   And every tongue confess.
   According to thy word,
   Now be thy grace reveal’d-,
   And with the knowledge of the Lord,
   Let all the earth be fill’d.
                         Charles Wesley
                         Methodist Episcopal hymnal (1870 edition)

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