Thursday, June 15, 2023

Christ, the conqueror

998 C. M.
Christ, the Conqueror

JESUS, immortal King, arise.
   Assert thy rightful sway.
   Till earth, subdued, its tribute brings
   And distant lands obey.

2 Ride forth, victorious Conqueror, ride
   Till all thy foes submit,
   And all the powers of hell resign
   Their trophies at thy feet.

3 Send forth thy word, and let it fly
   The spacious earth around,
   Till every soul beneath the sun
   Shall hear the joyful sound.

4 O may the great Redeemer’s Name
   Through every clime be known,
   And heathen gods, forsaken, fall,
   And Jesus reign alone.

5 From sea to sea, from shore to shore;
   Be thou, O Christ, adored,
   And earth, with all her millions, shout
   Hosannas to the Lord.
                         George Burder
                        Methodist Episcopal hymnal (1870 edition)

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Interestingly, again, credits this to a different person, an Aaron Crossley Hobart Seymour, who, among other things, edited a biography of Whitefield and wrote a 2 volume biography on the Countess of Huntingdon. If you've read much at all about the Wesleyan revival, you should be familiar with her and her influence, especially with respect to Whitefield.
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