Monday, June 12, 2023

Arm of the Lord, awake!

995 L. M.
Triumphs of mercy.

ARM of the Lord, awake, awake!
   Put on thy strength—the nations shake,
   And let the world, adoring, see
   Triumphs of mercy wrought by thee.

2 Say to the heathen, from thy throne,
   I am Jehovah—God alone:
   Thy voice their idols shall confound,
   And cast their altars to the ground.

3 No more let creature blood be spilt-
   Vain sacrifice for human guilt!
   But to each conscience be applied
   The blood that fiow’d from Jesus’ side.

4 Almighty God, thy grace proclaim,
   In every land, of every name;
   Let adverse powers before thee fall,
   And crown the Saviour Lord of all.
                         William Shrubsole
                         Methodist Episcopal hymnal (1870 edition)

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OK, William Shrubsole a new one on me. The short bio at says he was extremely interested in missionary work, which explains the emphasis of this hymn.
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