Friday, January 03, 2014

But what else does it do?

When you hear about at wonder pill that lowers blood pressure, always get curious about the additional (“side”) effects of the pill. In reality, there are no side effects, just effects. What is this health intervention doing beyond its stated goal?— Whole (electronic edition), chapter 2

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Indeed. We need to remember that the body is a system, not a bunch of discrete parts that don't interact. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction—and we don't know enough to know what those reactions are...why don't we go with a proven, systemic treatment that cures the causes? Instead we go for a band-aid that simply addresses a symptom—and has a massive number of "side" effects.

Pop a pill. It's easier. No need to exercise any kind of self-control. After all, it's all genetic anyway. I'm predestined to it...What a bunch of lies!

A whole foods, plant-based diet will keep you healthy. And if you aren't healthy, it will allow your body to become healthy because you won't be flooding it with garbage...
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