Thursday, January 09, 2014

The genes made me do it

Genes are the starting point for health and disease events; they are the “nature” part of the equation. But it is nutrition and other lifestyle factors, the “nurture” part, that control whether and how these genes are expressed. The influence of nurture (i.e., nutrition) has far more influence on health and disease outcome than nature (i.e., genes).— Whole (electronic edition), chapter 8

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Yes, that means you are the one who holds the key. No excuses of "the devil made me do it"—oops I mean, "The genes made it happen."

Once again, a whole foods, plant-based diet is the safest option for a long, healthy life. And living by the power of the Holy Spirit within you is the best option to make it fulfilling—notice I didn't say "safe" or "easy!"
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