Thursday, January 02, 2014

Have your pie and eat it too

What is almost always missed is that Christianity often puts the pie [in the sky] on the table! It makes life better here and now. Not merely in psychological ways, as faith in an attractive afterlife can do, but in terms of concrete worldly benefits. Consider that a study based on ancient tombstones has established that early Christians outlived their pagan neighbors! What that demonstrates is that Christians enjoyed superior quality of life. They did so because of their commitment to what was an unusual virtue in ancient times: “the quality of mercy,” as Portia put it in The Merchant of Venice, played a major role in the growth of early Christianity.— The Triumph of Christianity, page 105

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Not through "name it and claim it! Stomp on it and frame it!" theology, but through mercy. That is so against the natural way of doing things that it has to be God!.
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