Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Wrong focus

Ancients did not have the same interest in events that we do, and so they did not record them in ways that could readily feed our interests. If we are truly going to understand their literature and culture, we have to stop pursuing the transformation of their illocutions, realities and values into ours. This is misguided. Historiography is our label, our enterprise, our value, our way of framing reality, our way of understanding events. We cannot base our assessment of truth, authority or inerrancy on our cultural conventions of historiography, though we continue to be interested in all three of those concerns.—The Lost World of Scripture, page 201

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You can learn a lot about a person by noting the personal pronouns they use...our occurs how many times in those sentences? Other-centered is how we are to be as Christians...maybe we should start with how we see scripture. Let's ask different questions, ones that center on God and others. What do you think?
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