Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Me, a Judaizier? Never!

While we may balk at considering how we have historically resembled the Judaizers, at least in terms of seeking to replicate our practices and ethos among Christians in foreign cultures, we need to become even more discerning in terms of how our involvement in a particular country, for example, Sri Lanka, nurtures the growth of Sri Lankan Christianity and how it nurtures the Westernization of Sri Lankan Christianity (often in concert with the Westernization of Sri Lanka occurring through other venues). Jesus wants to take on Sri Lankan flesh, coming to life there as he did both in Judea and in Galatia in different ways, and Sri Lankan churches need to worship, function, and grow in Sri Lankan ways—in part, so as to have a positive effect and witness there. Global Voices, page 53

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Bobby at Hendrickson Publishers gave me this book over a year ago. He said I would enjoy it. I wasn't sure, but let me tell you, this is a great book. You don't even realize the degree to which you are culture blind until it hits you in the face.

This book did that to me. It hit me square in the face. I've been a charismatically inclined Christian since I became a Christian back in 1972. I didn't think the reigning anti-supernaturalism of our culture had affected me a deeply as it has. This book showed me that it went deeper than I thought.

You should read this book. You might disagree with a lot in it, but at least you need to consider what it is saying. After all, two-thirds of the world does believe in the supernatural in more than a cerebral way!

Watch for other goods snippets from this book in the next week or so...
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