Thursday, January 09, 2014


If the universe overwhelms our cognitive abilities, the Designer and Creator of the universe does so all the more. Our brains are Tinkertoys in comparison to DNA, matchsticks in comparison to birthing galaxies. The divine genius and creativity reduce all scientific calculation, philosophical supposition and theological postulation to nursery rhymes. We can only let God be God.—The Lost World of Scripture, page 256

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Amen! I was reading The Journey of Modern Theology the other day. One of the things that Olson commented on was the rationalization of theology. Another book I just finished, Whole (by a Ph.D. in the hard sciences) stressed the complexities of DNA. All of this causes me to bow in humility before the creator and redeemer.

Let the mystery remain! We are only created beings; if we think we can understand all the mysteries, we are hubristic to the extreme. That doesn't mean we shouldn't seek them out! It just means that we need to acknowledge that God is bigger than all our explanations!
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