Thursday, January 30, 2014

Whose job?

All across Europe, the established churches failed to convert and arouse the “masses,” by failing to recognize that it was a job for preachers, not professors. But the clergy seemed unable to grasp the point that sophisticated sermons on the mysteries of the Trinity neither informed nor converted. The Triumph of Christianity, page 265

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I'm all for doctrine! But, if it doesn't have an effect on the way a person lives, then it isn't being taught in a practical way. The doctrine of the Trinity should be taught in such a way that one ends up in worship. Unfortunately, it is usually taught in such a way that you end up in confusion.

Of course, there is an underlying assumption in this quotation: it is the paid, trained clergy who are the core of the church and that the institutional form of the church is the "real" church. But, throughout church history, there have been many lay-led revivals—beginning with Acts 2.
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