Wednesday, September 24, 2014

All that stuff

“Joy is nurtured through the exercise of faith in communing with our Lord Jesus. Think of the best joy in your life. Is it things? Certain experiences? Or does the joy of relationship with those you love dwarf the delight of things? Those who find the greatest joy in things lead a cold, sterile existence.”— Vine Ripened Life

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Bold words to a materialistic culture. And he's right. How many people with lots of stuff do you know who are truly happy?

Me neither. I've been with people who have lots of stuff when a severe storm was approaching. They immediately were worried about all their stuff. "What happens if a tornado really does happen and takes my stuff?! I won't have anything! Help! I'm worried! But don't talk to me about God!"

That's a joyful life? Hardly! I could (and did) just sit back and enjoy the storm. It really was a wonderful storm, too! Lots of rain and wind and lightning. Great fun. And they missed that part of it because of "stuff"! How sad.
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