Thursday, September 25, 2014

Another book

I ran across a free e-book yesterday from David C. Cook. It looked interesting, so I downloaded it (you can always delete them, right?). I have to say that they are rapidly becoming my favorite nonacademic publisher. They've gone from being that Sunday School curriculum publisher to publishing books that make you think about your Christian walk—and not guilting and shoulding you into a legalistic mold.

Anyway, I digress (as usual!). The title was AHA Student Edition. I'm not sure how it differs from any other version, but I read the first chapter and it's a keeper. Watch for excerpts later this fall. Meanwhile, here's a snippet to whet your appetite:

“And because we’re all too aware that our self needs help, we jump on this misery merry-go-round and buy book after book, hoping for better results. We know something is wrong. We even know what we want to change. Our diagnosis is spot-on, but no medication seems to do the trick.

So if you picked up this book because you are trying to help yourself make some significant changes, I want to tell you up front that this isn’t the book for you. If self could help, then we would all have been fixed a long time ago.

Let me be clear: AHA is not a self-help process. This is the antithesis of a self-help book. What Bizarro is to Superman,4 this book is to the self-help genre. This journey begins by rejecting self’s offer to help.”

Isn't that great? I wish I had more time to read it now, but there's a cabin that needs cleaning and strawberry plants that need transplanting and beans that need picking and I need to get it all done soon so we can make that return trip to Oberg Mountain before sunset this time! (Notice the lack of punctuation to make you feel breathless about it all...)

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