Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pardon me, but your biases are showing

“Remind yourself of who Jesus is and what He did for you. Encounter Jesus anew, breathing life into the cardboard cutout we can make of Him in our religiosity.”— Vine Ripened Life

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We desperately need the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit to break through our "cardboard cutout" of who we think Jesus is. Without that, we are doomed to our cultural blindness, after all, does a fish know it is wet? In the same way, we don't even know we have preconceptions, that we are reading scripture more through our cultural blinders than the actual words on the page.

Along those lines, Ken Schenck has a series on how we read scripture (the link is to today's with links to the preceding 6 posts). Well worth reading. He isn't afraid to say that the Holy Spirit can give a fresh meaning to the Bible, but we need to be aware that it isn't necessarily what the Bible is really saying, it is just a fresh interpretation or extension given to the text. Good stuff to think about...
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