Friday, September 26, 2014

Is this true?

Is it possible that Satan has so got the advantage of God, that God's kingdom cannot be re-established in this world, and that the Almighty has no way but to back out, and to take His saints to heaven, before He can make them holy? Is God's kingdom to be only partially established, and is it to be always so, that the best saints shall one-half of their time be serving the devil? Must the people of God always go drooping and driveling along in religion, and live in sin, until they get to heaven? What is that stone cut out of a mountain without hands, that is to fill the earth, if it does not show that there is yet to be a universal triumph of the love of God in the world?—Charles Finney

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Well, is it true? Is that what you believe? That you have to live a defeated, half-hearted christianity until you die? Is that what the kingdom of God is all about? Is that why Jesus came, to sorta, kinda, maybe deliver us?

In the immortal words of Paul: No way! (my translation of μὴ γένοιτο)

Life in Christ is more than that! (Note the in Christ part of that!)
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