Friday, September 12, 2014

The beginning of wisdom - and the end

Wisdom in Proverbs is easily accessible in one sense yet not that easy to gain in another. No one can claim that he or she grasped her fully, but everyone has to be constantly open towards her. To revise slightly one of the important statements of Proverbs: wisdom only has a beginning (the fear of the Lord) but not an end. As there is a certain continuity between the Lord and wisdom, maybe it is arguable that these characteristics of wisdom in Proverbs tell something of Proverbs’ view of God, too. This understanding of divine hiddenness is not so much connected to a feeling of divine passivity or invisibility in the (secular) life, but, to an ever deepening relationship, even to participation in (but not possession of) the divine.— Toward an Interpretation of the Book of Proverbs, page 244

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Whodda thunk! Theosis in Proverbs! Or at least a shadow of it...

That's the final post from this book. Monday I'll start posting from another book. Not sure which one yet, but I trust you will find it an intersting one : )
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