Thursday, September 18, 2014

That's not salvation

Beloved, if God were merely to pardon you, and then leave you to get out of sin as you could by yourselves, of what use would your pardon be to you? None in the world. If a child runs away from his father's house, and wanders in a forest, and falls into a deep pit, and the father finds him and undertakes to save him; if he merely pardons him for running away, it will be of no use, unless he lifts him up from the pit and leads him out of the forest. So in the scheme of redemption, whatever helps and aids you need, are all guaranteed, if you believe. If God undertakes to save you, he pledges all the light and grace and help that are necessary to break the chains of Satan and the entanglements of sin, and leads you back to your Father's house.

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Anything less isn't really salvation, is it? Salvation means saved, but saved from what? For too many if just means saved from the consequences of sin, but God intends to save us from sin, not just sins, i.e., the concept of sin, not just individual sins. Now that is a promise worth getting excited about! No wonder they talk about a great salvation...
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