Friday, September 12, 2014

Why do you do it?

There is a class of legalists that depend on Christ, but their dependence is not gospel dependence, because the works which it produces are works of law; that is, from hope and fear, not from love. Gospel dependence may produce, perhaps, the very same outward works, but the motives are radically different. he legalist drags on a painful, irksome, moral, and perhaps, outwardly, religious life. he gospel believer has an affectionate confidence in God, which leads him to obey out of love. His obedience is prompted by his own feelings. Instead of being dragged to duty, he goes to it cheerfully, because he loves it, and doing it is a delight to his soul.

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As we see in the Gospels, it's not what you do as much as why you are doing it.

Lord, may we do things because we love you! May the love of God move our thoughts and actions! Deliver us from the idoloatry of self-love.
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