Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Dichotomy? What dichotomy?

One of the main thrusts of the ethic of Jesus is the radicalization of an ethic so that we live consistently, from the so-called “private” to the “public” spheres. There is for Jesus no distinction between a secular life and spiritual life: we are always to follow him. His ethic is an Ethic from Beyond. But others, in words not so wrongheaded as Luther’s, have continued Luther’s personal vs. public or spiritual vs. secular distinction when it comes to ethics.— Sermon on the Mount, pages 128-129

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Tozer famously took on the secular/sacred divide in Pursuit of God. Fifty years later the divide is still standing in people's minds...

It doesn't exist! "All truth is God's truth." And all creation is God's creation. There is no "ordinary time." It's all God's time—every last second of it. Let him into all of life—especially the "secular" parts!
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