Friday, October 31, 2014

In the end

“Abiding is more than drawing upon resources outside of ourselves. To abide is to commune with our personal, living Lord. Without ceasing, we seek His care and wisdom and strength in the trenches of life. We engage Him in sweet fellowship, expressing to Him our fears and failures and frustrations. We cry out to Him and hear the assurances of His presence and peace and provision, as He reminds us that He is the Vine in whom we have been grafted by grace.”— Vine Ripened Life

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That's the final excerpt from the book. As I mentioned at the beginning, it has lots of good stuff, but it could use a serious dose of Holy Spirit presence. The approach is very much "Brains on a stick"—this is a serious problem with much of Reformed spirituality. Very organized and methodical. It sounds wonderful on paper, but we aren't logical beings! And that's the rub...

If you add "by the power of the Holy Spirit" or "by the power of the indwelling Jesus" to just about everything being said in the book, you would do well...

Not sure what book I'll start next. I guess we'll find out on Monday, won't we : )
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