Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Get out of the way!

“Impatience is full of self. Patience is low on self. Impatience is fueled by pride. Patience is driven by the application of love.

Patience seems to be the cocktail to all the other fruit of the Spirit, with love as the base and the other fruit lending the various flavors of grace.”— Vine Ripened Life

<idle musing>
Impatient? Who's impatient? Not I! Just hurry up, would ya! I'm in a hurry to do what I want and you're in my way! So move over or I'll run you down! But, impatient? No way! I just don't like incompetence! (And I define incompetence as anything that doesn't make things go the way I want them to!
</idle musing>

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