Wednesday, October 08, 2014


It finally came last night/this morning. I looked out around 10 PM and the thermometer said 38ºF and it was cloudy. I figured I didn't need to cover. Wrong! I looked out again after midnight—way after midnight!—and it was clear. It was beautiful, with the full moon shining on everything. But it was also cold—31ºF cold!

I put on my jacket and began to cover the squash and tomatoes. Everything else is either cold-hardy enough or done for the year (and you can't cover runner beans very easily!). There was a thick coating of frost on the lids of the cold frames that I had just put out yesterday. I slipped a bit from the frost on the deck, too.

Was I too late? We'll see in a bit when it warms up enough to uncover everything...

But it sure was beautiful with the moon on the lake and the fall colors showing up in interesting shades in the moonlight!

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