Monday, October 06, 2014

Malware to the soul

“My word-processing program’s thesaurus offerings serve as an exegetical expositor of the perils of impatience and, conversely, the importance of patience. My cursor hovers over impatient and the following are suggested as synonyms: annoyed, edgy, irritated, intolerant, exasperated, aggravated, irked, and piqued. These alternatives do a good job displaying the danger of impatience. It is malware to the soul.”— Vine Ripened Life

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"Malware to the soul" I like that; it's a very good description of what impatience is. I find that when I get impatient I tend to dehumanize the person I'm impatient with. Once they are dehumanized, you don't even realize when you say mean things to them or act in unloving and hurtful things. Definitely "malware to the soul..."
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