Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Thought for a Wednesday

The holiness that God demands of us is a holiness relating to his own. Now, the holiness of God is in himself, of himself, and for himself; it is therefore necessary that the holiness of these souls be in God, of God, and for God. If must be in God, existing only in him, otherwise it would be proprietary, and would rob him of something; and of God, seeing that all holiness that is not received from God cannot be called such; and for God, as it must refer to him as to its end and centre, and must serve his glory. The soul then arrived into God, has no longer anything in itself, foritself, nor of itself; but by its loss into God, everything is received in him alone; and that which it possesses is not for itself, any more than it comes from itself. But, as everything has come from God, so has everything flowed there again.&mash;Jeanne Guyon

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