Friday, October 17, 2014

Is it possible?

If it is not a practicable duty to be perfectly holy in this world, then it will follow that the devil has so completely accomplished his design in corrupting mankind, that Jesus Christ is at fault, and has no way to sanctify His people but by taking them out of the world.—Charles Finney

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That's the default position of most Christians today, isn't it?

If it is true that we can't be holy, then we might as well hang it up. The devil won and God isn't who he says he is. He can't deliver on his promises so why pretend? At least be honest with yourself and stop trying to "convert" others to such a miserable life!
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Tim Bulkeley said...

Little victories don't matter? Unless one is wholly holy one is not holy at all?

jps said...


I don't think that is what Finney means–it certainly isn't what I mean. What I am standing against is the belief that we are doomed to sin and repent, sin and repent, sin and repent...for the rest of our lives.

I believe it is possible–by the power of the Holy Spirit!–to have complete victory. It is "simply" a matter of allowing the Holy Spirit to live through me every moment. Not as simple as it sounds, but I believe it is possible.


Tim Bulkeley said...

I have met many fine Christians, but none of them was/is perfect, all are repentant sinners - I can't see perfection in this imperfect world, except in the unique case of Jesus. I believe we are called to become holy but don't see it realised beneath the sun.