Thursday, December 08, 2005

Christmas is Sunday this year, part 2

Another view, this time from Scot McKnight here. Here's a brief quote:

"As Protestants, we begin with the Bible.

"First, let’s ask this question: Does the NT teach a Christmas Eve or Christmas Day worship service. I think the answer to that one is pretty easy. Besides being a topic no one in the early Church apparently considered, we have to put its lack of interest in this topic in the context of OT legislations about feasts. Here’s a fact consider: evidently, God thought a bundle of days were so important for the Jewish calendar that he gave laws both on the necessity of their annual celebration and he told them just how to celebrate that day. And Israel did just that.

"Here’s something else to think about: evidently the same God didn’t think the same of Christmas, for there are no legislations about keeping but one “holiday”: the Lord’s supper.

"No one, to my knowledge, can argue or is arguing that the mega-churches are violating a biblical Christmas sacrilege. No one should can stake a biblical claim for Christmas being the most significant day of the year – I’m not sure what one can say about such a topic from the Bible."

He goes on for 8 more points. In all things charity...

I must agree that he has scripture on his side, and as one who claims sola scriptura (but doesn't always follow through...), I need to give his view serious thought.

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