Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday fun

A little Friday fun. This links to a North/South U.S. dialect test. It appeared earlier this week on the Classics list. Of course, it is oversimplified and there was a follow-up post to a 45 minute test, etc. But, who wants to waste 45 minutes when you can waste 5 or less and have fun with it? As one who lived in Kentucky for 6 years, I can identify a lot of the "Southernisms," even though I don't use them in my daily speech. I scored 38%, a hopeless Yankee. When I went back and pretended I was still in Kentucky, I scored "81% (Dixie), do you still use Confederate money?" I sent it to a friend who has never been further south than Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He scored 35%, even more hopeless than I. What is your score?

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Dr. Joseph Ray Cathey said...


My score was as follows:

88% (Dixie). Do you still use Confederate money?

I guess that it shows.