Thursday, December 29, 2005

The year in review blog posts begin...

Scot McKnight has a nice summary of his experiences this year in blogging. I especially like this comment (bold is his):

"Sixth, I still am bewildered at the way some bloggers talk to one another — and you can get a good sample of this if you look at Tony Jones’ site and see the sort of meanspiritedness in the responses to his posts. This I simply can’t accept as a form of Christian discourse. The standard rule obtains: don’t say to others what you don’t want them to say to you, or don’t write things you wouldn’t say if you were facing the person yourself. If you do, you should be ashamed of your calling to walk in the way of Jesus. Disagreement and nastiness are not the same thing. Conversation and scoring points with cheap shots are neither winsome nor wholesome."

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Scot seems to have done a better job than most academics at getting the general public to interact. His site always has interesting posts and good discussion, whether you agree or not.
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