Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Oral Epic online

Take me back to my Homer class, full of visions of Milman Parry and Albert Lord, and others whom I have forgotten. Compliments of Jack Sasson:

From: John Foley at Missouri:


In the spirit of the holidays, I sending you a small gift: a link
to a web-based electronic edition of a South Slavic oral epic poem.

This instance of "The Wedding of Mustajbey's Son Becirbey" was
performed by Halil Bajgoric in the region of Stolac on June 13,
1935, and recorded on aluminum discs by Milman Parry and Albert
Lord. With the gracious permission of the Curators of the Parry
Collection at Harvard University, I have assembled an eEdition
consisting of a transcription, English translation, the complete
audio (as an mp3 file), various contextual chapters, and a
performance page with hyperlinks to the commentary and apparatus.

The edition also exists as a book, published in late 2004 in the
Folklore Fellows Communications series in Helsinki.

I hope you enjoy this small gift and will look forward to any
reactions you might have.

Simply click on this link to get started:

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