Thursday, December 15, 2005

Let's see how obscure we can get

Joe Cathey and Jim West have been posting Sumerian and Akkadian on their sites this week. Well, I never learned Sumerian and my Akkadian is so rusty I would barely recognize an infinitive, so I am not going to play that game. But, I do remember one phrase from my Hittite, so let's see how many Hittitologists there are :)

martariwaratkan nuwaratkana:szi

(I don't know how to make shin or macron appear, so a: is long a and s is shin)

Any takers?

By the way, the logo is from the Chicago Hittite Dictionary. It is the Hittite empire's official seal. We poor graduate students used to joke that the two heads were Professors Gueterbock and Hoffner and the rabbits were the graduate students...


Anonymous said...

To undestand better Hittite you have to study Romanian!

Hittite / Romanian

papars - papara , paparuda -water fight
papratar - prapad
parai (to blow?) - parai ( to defend)
taistai (to load) - traista ( sak)
sumanza(cord?) - samantza (seed)
tati (father) - tati
usiti - to purchase, to buy - fol ositi
uwate - to bring, to lead , luat
tešha - a dream, a revelation - tsese(weave dreams)
pahši, pahhaš - to protect, to graze - paste, pazi

...and many more

Ryan said...

"it disappears, yet it remains"

quite beautiful, and if my memory serves me right it was a quote of some official scolding someone for losing something.... ;-)