Sunday, December 11, 2005


Yesterday I went snowshoeing in the morning, we live about a quarter mile from a woods. During the summer the area is used for mountain bikes, but during the winter half is groomed for cross-country skiing and the other half is left alone. I was on the ungroomed half. I saw 7 deer beds and about 3-4 deer.

That afternoon Debbie and I went out again and saw about 5-6 deer. We have seen as many as 15-20 in a herd back there. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures.


Dr. Joseph Ray Cathey said...

Oh how you tempt us. That many deer and something would have to be in my freezer! I have some excellent venison that I took opening day. We have feasted on it already. The snow is just an added pleasure! The pictures are so beautiful. Thanks for posting them!

Michael Pahl said...

Ah, makes me miss my home in western Canada! We have pockets of woods--filled with deer also--that look very much like these pictures in the winter.