Friday, December 30, 2005

John the Baptist

I finished The Jesus Creed the other day. Very good book, but I think the most memorable section is the chapter on John the Baptist. This quote is worth the whole book:

"The first word out of John's mouth is 'Repent!' This is repentance with an edge—a sharp one. As Frederick Buechner puts it so memorably 'No one ever invited a prophet home for dinner more than once.' John maybe not even once."

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I remember reading in a book many years ago—I don't remember who the author was or the name of the book, but I think it was Elton Trueblood— this quote: "Every where that Paul went there was a riot or a revival. Every where I go they serve me tea."

Personally, given the choice (and we are), I would rather have the riot or revival. I like tea, but it doesn't have the same edge to it :)
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Jim said...

That's brilliant! I'm stealing the Trueblood quote for my quote of the day. ;-)