Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thoughts on marketing

My title is Marketing Manager, but I hate marketing as done by most companies. My view is that our products should address a real need, not one created by my marketing blurb. My job is to let you, the book buyer, know what is available in our niche market. You decide what you need. Therefore, it was refreshing to run acros this post. Let me quote the summary, but you should read the whole thing:

"OK, Mr. Ugh, what would YOU have done?
That’s easy. I’d have avoided a promise I had to modify in the mice type. Maintaining integrity is as simple and uncomplicated as saying – and this is aimed at management, not at the grunts who have to implement obfuscations – 'I’m not going to have a single asterisk in my ad. I may have to make a different promise, but whatever promise I make will be one that’s clear, straightforward, and undamaged by the cancer of hidden take-backs.'”

That is the kind of marketing I can and do endorse, the kind I hope I am using.

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