Monday, December 12, 2005

Creation and Fall

I started Bonhoeffer's Creation and Fall. I think Bonhoeffer is probably my favorite theologian, although Brunner is good, too. I have to agree with Jim West that Brunner is overlooked compared to Barth.

From the introduction:
"The church cannot please the old world because the church speaks of the end of the world as though this had already happened, as though the world had already been judged. The old world is not happy to have itself declared dead. The church has never been surprised at this. It also is not surprised that again and again there appear within it people who think as the old world does. Who after all does not still at times think like this? What must certainly arouse the church to real indignation, however is that these children of the world that has passed away wish to claim the church, the new, as belonging to them. They want the new, and they know only the old. And in that way they deny Christ, the Lord."

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A few years ago I gave my daughter a copy of Cost of Discipleship to read. She liked it so well she gave it to all the people in her wedding. A tad unusual gift for being in a wedding. But, Debbie and I gave everyone in our wedding a copy of The Imitation of Christ, so it must run in the family. Although, Bonhoeffer is a bit thicker to get through than a Kempis :)
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