Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A much needed house-cleaning

I'm very poor at maintaining the layout of this blog. Witness the "What I'm reading" as an example. I finished one of those books months ago and excerpted from it. The other one I've finished but haven't excerpted from it yet. Maybe I should just delete that section...

Anyway, the other section that I'm even worse at maintaining is the blog list. I hadn't changed it in probably 3 years. Over the course of that time, my interests have changed, blogs have died, others have started, etc. OK, the real reason I haven't updated it is because I didn't want to admit that some of the first blogs that I started interacting with almost nine(!) years ago are dead. There's a psychological thing about cleaning up the list and I wasn't willing to face it.

What finally made me do it was an e-mail sitting in the Inbox for the last two months. It was from a dear friend asking for a link. It sat there until Debbie asked me if I was ever going to delete it. Well, I can't just delete it without taking care of it, can I?

Long way around to say, I've updated the links on the side of my blog. They reflect what I'm actually reading as of May, 2014.

And that friend? Well, it is Emanuel Hausman from Carta; he asked me if I would be willing to link to them. I told him that I'd be delighted to link to their web site. It took two months, but the link is there now. They produce great stuff and I was proud to distribute them while I worked at Eisenbrauns (Eisenbrauns serves as their North American distributor, so I've also linked to the Eisenbrauns web site for those of you in North America).

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