Friday, May 30, 2014

More legalism thoughts

Legalism is slow torture, suffocation of the spirit, amputation of one’s dreams. Legalism is just enough religion to keep you, but not enough to nourish you.

So you starve. Your teachers don’t know where to go for food, so you starve together. Your diet is rules and standards. No vitamins. No taste. No zest. Just bland, predictable religion.— He Still Moves Stones, 119

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Too true! Wesley used to say something to the effect of "pity the religious man, for he has enough of God not to be able to enjoy sin, but not enough of God to enjoy God." It's the same with the legalist. They have enough of God to know that their current behavior is less than satisfactory, but not enough of God to realize that the answer isn't striving, but abiding...
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