Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What is real?

The sacramental principle, along with other beliefs of the church, such as the possibility of signs and wonders, has suffered from modernity, which leaves little room for the activity of God. In the modern view, what is real is what can be scientifically established. This mindset looks for physical causation and disregards divine action. It is materialistic in outlook and exalts reason while discounting revelation and tradition. When influenced by modernity, religion is powerless in both its sacramental and its charismatic dimensions. Modernity does not expect God to be present or to move in power in either realm.— Flame of Love, page 128

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Ain't that the truth! And to the degree that you don't expect God to move, to that degree you have become a practicing atheist, which I believe is the default religion of most christians in the western world...
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