Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Terminology or experience?

The issue is not terminology, and the question is not when but whether one has encountered the Spirit in experience. To paraphrase Jesus, what does it profit a man if he receives initiation without power? Reality, not terminology, is the issue. Whether we call it Spirit baptism or do not is unimportant compared with the problem of Christians who are experientially deficient, who do not know the Spirit’s power. We must know God experientially, not just cognitively. We need to be empowered for mission, freed from fear, able to speak, full of praises. We need a breakthrough in the realm of the Spirit, an awakening to the presence and power of God.— Flame of Love, page 170

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Indeed. Terminology can get in the way; far too often the terminology just puts it in a convenient intellectual mailbox. Tucked away where we can periodically examine it, but otherwise conveniently ignore it.

An encounter with God through the Holy Spirit, on the other hand, has a way of trashing our mailboxes. Even so, come Lord Jesus! Tear down our mailboxes and let us encounter you!
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