Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Though we may believe intellectually that God can move in power, something inside of us says this is not going to happen, prayer is an illusion, the sick must only go to doctors. This may be coupled with a fear of change. We have our comfort zones and may prefer the orderliness of an unrenewed church to the disorderliness of renewal. There are reasons for not wanting the Spirit to move. We do not want to look ridiculous. We may not want to exchange Sunday-morning religion for real discipleship. We may not want to run the risk of opposition, which usually comes when the world discovers that the church is serious about mission. May the Lord shake us loose and allow us to see the possibilities of new creation.— Flame of Love, page 138

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Pretty scary thought, isn't it? Can you imagine letting the Holy Spirit run free in our lives? Why, we wouldn't be in control! There's a post at Missio Alliance today about that very thing...
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