Thursday, May 29, 2014


Debbie was reading a Max Lucado book the other day and read me a part of it. I had read the book years ago, but had forgotten this chapter. Here's a snippet, for your edification:
A legalist believes the supreme force behind salvation is you. If you look right, speak right, and belong to the right segment of the right group, you will be saved. The brunt of responsibility doesn’t lie within God; it lies within you.

The result? The outside sparkles. The talk is good and the step is true. But look closely. Listen carefully. Something is missing. What is it? Joy. What’s there? Fear. (That you won’t do enough.) Arrogance. That you have done enough.) Failure. (That you have made a mistake.)

Legalism is a dark world.— He Still Moves Stones, 118

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Good, isn't it? I'll post a few more snippets from this chapter over the next few days. Lucado has a good way with words. I've read probably a dozen or so of his books over the years; they aren't terribly deep, but he tells a good story in a way that gets the point across.
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