Thursday, May 22, 2014

Inwardly working, outwardly effective

Sin (in Paul’s writings, it is usually sin rather than sins) is a power that controls human life. (See Rom. 6.) It is a force which enslaves people and expresses itself in a variety of ways. Some of these, as we have suggested, are racism, sexism, materialism, feudalism, and classism. For people to be free and create a free society, they need to be liberated from these forces which bind them: liberated internally from these habits of thought and externally from structures which reinforce and express them through oppression and alienation. The cross of Jesus provides the power for people to become free from them by having new minds and wills to live in a new kind of life.— Shalom, page 66

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Good thoughts. Change has to start inside—we need to have our thinking transformed before we can change the circumstances. Praise God that the Holy Spirit is able to do that!

Along those lines, some good thoughts on LBJ's Great Society here. Hard to believe it's been 50 years! Yikes! That must mean I'm over 50...
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