Monday, May 05, 2014

It weren't no accident

Sin is a willful transgression of the known command of God. Adam and Eve did not sever their relationship with God by accidentally cutting down the wrong tree. Nor did they do so by eating the fruit in ignorance. They brought tragedy upon the whole race by doing something that God had explicitly commanded them not to do. Moreover, they knew what God had said; they could not plead forgetfulness. This is an extremely important point. In pagan religions sin against the gods is almost never a sin against the gods’ revealed will, for the simple reason that the will of the gods is hardly ever revealed in terms which are clear and understandable. But in the Bible, this is what sin at its root is all about: God’s will for the way we live our lives with Him and with one another has been clearly revealed.— Called to be Holy, page 170

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