Thursday, May 01, 2014

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No, not my post, but this post. Here's a teaser:
In 2007, the McCain-Kennedy proposed legislation for comprehensive immigration reform was submitted to a CBS national survey. Over 70% of the respondents supported the proposed legislation. However, the legislation failed because the calls to legislators were 50-1 against. The average American never calls their legislator unless it affects them directly; the suffering of immigrants just doesn't affect the majority of Americans directly enough to move them to call. The only reason why we have come this far towards reforming our broken immigration system is that the only group in our society who is mandated to care passionately about the wellbeing of people who are not us has stepped up to the plate. The national Evangelical Immigration Table has powerfully demonstrated the love of Jesus to the nation. When immigrant and non-immigrant Christians come together to respond to the suffering of immigrant families, we have an Ephesians 2:14-18 experience. The wall of hostility that we see in the secular world is torn down. There is an exchange of hope and passion—non-immigrants awaken to the need and immigrants feel hope because they learn that they are not alone. The result is John 17:21—the world knows that Jesus has come because of the unity of his followers.
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Did you get that? 70% in favor, but 50:1 phone calls against! A small, but very motivated, minority prolonged injustice. God cares deeply about the sojourner among us, we should too.

Pray for the Evangelical Immigration Table and see how you can help. It's dear to the heart of God—after all, we are sojourners here, too. Our true citizenship is in heaven.
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