Sunday, November 20, 2005

Day 2 continued

I am about to run off to the Brill reception, but wanted to add a few comments.

I had lunch with Ellen from Brill today and was able to purchase a few titles at a nice price, so watch for some good prices on a few Brill titles after the new year. I can't tell you which ones yet, because I forgot to write them down. She promised to e-mail me the list.

The pictures are the front table, which was loaded with books yesterday morning. I even moved two titles from the back to fill in the holes.

In case you have forgotten, we are giving away two $50.00 gift certificates per day. Be sure to swing by and drop your name in. I was going to post the winners, but forgot to write them down. We have them displayed at the booth.

I am starting to feel tired. This is the six day of conferences for me and I am running out of energy. I hope everyone else out there is doing well. I had to reschedule one appointment because the rep was sick.

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