Thursday, November 03, 2005


We were talking to our son last night on the phone, and he mentioned that the worship at a church he visited recently was wonderful. That got me to thinking about a section in Grace in a Tree Stump, page 17: "As a matter of fact, the purest worship--like the purest gift--has little or nothing to do with the satisfaction fo the worshiper or the giver, but with the satisfaction fo the recipient. We seem to have a good deal of misunderstanding at this point. So frequently we judge worship by the pleasure or fulfillment it gives us. There could hardly be a more dramatic perversion. Worship is not about me; it's about God. When I become absorbed with how much worship benefits my person, I make myself the object of worship rather than the God I profess to adore. If in my worship of God I happen also to be blessed it is a happy coincidence, and I can indeed see it is a blessing, because it isn't the point of worship and I am fortunate therefore to receive it. But God is the issue of worship, not I or my pleasure."

Good words to remember!

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RainDrop said...

Wow this is amazing! I was recently talking about this very subject with my friend Chris and his pastor! I definitely want to read this book now, thank you.