Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What in the world is "silent sports?"

I have had some people ask me what in the world "Silent Sports" are (see my profile). Since there are only 3 people who appear on the search results (and 1 of them only blogged for 3 days), I guess that is a fair question.

In Minnesota/Wisconsin, where I have spent over 35 of my nearly 50 years on this planet, silent sports are outdoor sports that don't require an engine or motor. The phrase was popularized by a magazine started in the late 1970's called Wisconsin Silent Sports, late shortened to simply Silent Sports, since the majority of the subscribers were from Minnesota! It covered such things as canoeing, hiking, cross-country skiing, bicycling, backpacking, and (later) snowshoeing. I see that it now has a web presence here. They summarize thus: "we loosely define [silent sports] as 'aerobic outdoor activities.' In other words, getting the heart rate up through non-motorized, healthy outdoor fun." Well put, and thoroughly enjoyed by myself and my wife.

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