Monday, November 21, 2005

Day 2 evening

I went to the Brill/Mohr Siebeck reception last night at the Kent Museum, a 6-7 block walk. It was a beautiful evening, making me wish I had time to see the sights. That's the problem with business travel, you see the airport, the hotel and the convention center. Normally I get here the day before conference setup and have a day for sight-seeing. But, this year I did ETS before AAR/SBL, so I didn't get that day.

Anyway, the reception was in celebration of the completion of the German version of the AGG and the commencement of the English translation. It is an amazing piece of work, 10 volumes. Stop by the Mohr Siebeck booth to see a sample.

After that reception, I went to the Eisenbrauns reception. We had a small reception for our authors and distribution partners in celebration of 30 years of business. Many luminaries were there. I took a few pictures, but they aren't very clear, so I won't post them. I felt sorry for some of the attendees. I had seen quite a few of them at the previous reception and some of them still had another reception to go to. Joerg Persch from V&R was leaving to attend his fourth one that night. Ah, the trials of being an editor :)

Hopefully I will have a chance to wander the exhibit hall. I usually use this as a chance to pick up titles I might have missed from the catalogs. So, if you see a book that we should carry that isn't listed, let me know.

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